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About Us

Yeopen is your doorway to a whole new world of creativity

It is an online platform where artists can create and express their many and varied talents. It’s the ultimate visual art space and a unique online resource, where art lovers can browse the free galleries and become inspired by the creations of others. Display your own work to millions of Yeopen users globally, engage with likeminded people and, most of all, enjoy.

Share your art and creativity

Our mission is to enable creative people to share their artistry. You can use Yeopen to achieve success, find friends and gain followers. Whatever your creative ideas, there’s a place for you.

You don’t have to be an actor for Yeopen to become your stage

We offer a unique website. No matter whether you are an artist or photographer, an architect or into dancing, a sculptor or jeweller, a singer, composer or musician, a filmmaker, animator, a fashion designer or model, a writer or a poet, this website is for creative people in any specialty!

We give you an opportunity to showcase your creativity, discover other people’s works, share your thoughts in a collaborative environment and learn something new and have fun! Together we are making a difference.

Publish your pictures, texts, video or audio content by uploading files to the matching category in the free Gallery pages. The files you upload to the Gallery will be available to all users. You can also use the Gallery to view works by other authors. To enter or change your personal details use My Life page. We are always open to suggestions on how we can improve Yeopen and will always work hard to make this the best site it can possibly be.

Be creative and be brave

Each and every one of us has a creative streak. Yet, as the artist Henri Matisse once said, “creativity takes courage”. He was right.

It’s the courage to channel one’s creative thinking, visions and expression into a work of art to be viewed and admired by others. To lay oneself open on the written page, in a work of visual art or a piece of music is to allow others to judge your artistic talent and therefore you as a human being.

Yet there is nothing in the world that can inspire more than a piece of music, a page of beautifully written prose, a stunning piece of sculpture or an eye catching image.

When we are exposed to genuine beauty we can be transported into another world. Art can be the great escape to a place where no one can harm us. It can lift us. The oeuvre of a great talent in any field of the arts can lead us to escape from the humdrum of the every day 9-to-5 existence and take us somewhere genuine, appealing and special.

Whether you are a budding David Bowie or Rudolf Nureyev, a Henry Moore or Wassily Kandinsky, a William Wordsworth or Leo Tolstoy, Paul or Stella McCartney, professional or amateur there is a home for you at Yeopen.

This is your online source for creative collaboration!